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Indigenous Construction

In these fast changing and uncertain times are you best preparing for things to come? We here at A-Team Services understand the need for all of us to do our part in making a difference in the world. Change is what we are all calling for but what does that look like?

When I bought my home here in Madison and looked out upon the land and knew I wanted to have my own gardens one day. I soon met my wife Sarah. Ironically enough she has a degree in Horticulture and Agriculture science from University of Connecticut. She brought to the A-Team the needed know how to make my dream come true. Natural home based sustainable living, this is the green answer to your home.

We Install:

  • Meditation Gardens
  • Raised Beds
  • Circular Sacred Design Three Sister Gardens
  • Garden Gates
  • Garden Benches
  • Irrigation systems from basic to artistic
  • A diverse line of composting systems
  • Stone Walkways
  • Curtain Drains
  • Rain-water Catch Basins
  • Perennial flower gardens
  • The perfect corn garden for the homeowner
  • Self-sustaining vegetable gardens

We offer hands on learning programs in: Seed Starting and cultivation for young ones, Proper gardening basics and garden success techniques, How to create your own landscape masterpieces, 

Garden and Yard Services: Opening and Closing of all your beds, Mulching, Yard and bed clean ups, Lawn thatching, Fertilizing and lime application 


Also available:

Fire Circles Labyrinths’ , Sweat Lodge or Purification Lodges,   Indigenous Tipis', and shelters Fire circles 

Turn your home into the temple it deserves to be with these simple, self-sustaining environmentally conscious systems. We can help! 

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“Give a man an apple and he’ll eat for a day, teach him to plant a seed and he’ll eat for a life time.”