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Mobile Car & Boat Detailing

We come to you for on-the-spot detailing

  • Mobile units for ultimate convenience
  • Professional service at affordable prices
  • Our products will safely and effectively clean and protect your auto through the harsh New England weather Changes
  • Package deals and group discounts!

The New England weather has just taken us through another season. Have the harsh elements taken their toll on you automobile?

It’s not too late to save your most precious possession! Let the A-Team come to your rescue. With the A-Team, our self contained units will come to your home or office to recondition your automobile. We will safely remove the dirt, grime, oxidation and salt accumulations the seasons may have left.

Then, the A-Team will replace it with a brilliant shine and durable protectants to ready your car for the intense weather to come. This service will not only get your car looking great, it will also increase the resale value.


Oxidized Paint- The object is to remove the oxidized paint. It is impossible to restore completely oxidized color coats or mis-formulation of the paintwork itself…but…Zymol-HD-Cleanze will uncover a lower level of paint which retains the life and lustre you want for your automobile.


Zymol-Waxes are unlike rubbing compounds or abrasive waxes. Instead they are unique formulations of polishing nutritive oils designed to protect your surface from scratching. Zymol-Wax will not harden or cake like ordinary waxes. Gentle wiping produces an ultra-brilliant, durable sheen.

Most of our products are biodegradable and environmentally safe. No harsh, abrasive chemicals are used on or inside your vehicle.


Step 1: Complete Vacuuming

Step 2: Carpet & Upholstery


• Brush Scrubbing • Most stains and spots removed • Dry/Wet vacuuming
• Steam cleaning if needed

Step 3: Vinyl & Leather

• Cleaned • Conditioned and dressed

Step 4: Streak Free Window


Step 1: Exterior Wash

• Hand washing • Dirt removal

• Door jams cleaned/waxed

• Undercarriage & wheel wells jet washed

• Chamois Dried

Step 2: HD Cleanze

• Removal of dirt from paint • Removal of oxidized paint • Removal of tiny scratches

Step 3: Paint Feeding with Zymol

• Replenishing of lost oils
• Buffing to a high gloss

Step 4: Final stage

• Finishing sealant with Teflon coat buffed to a high gloss.

Ask about our boat detailing services, it is a short season so let us do the work so you can enjoy it!

Our guarantee states if your not satisfied with the quality of work, we will work on it until you are, or a refund will be in order. 

For Estimates and more information about our services
email us at callateam@comcast.net