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Power washing

  • Houses
  • Decks
  • Pool patios
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Wood


  • Interior
  • Exterior


  • Cleaned
  • Repaired
  • Protection -Leaf DefierTM System


  • Bed maintenance
  • Weeding
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Brush clearing

Opening/Closing of seasonal homes 

Boat/Auto detailing

Basement and attic cleanout

Garage improvements

  • floor resurfacing
  • shelving installation

Light Carpentry 

Hourly Manpower 

Pet Sitting

Parcel Delivery

Airport Shuttle

Home Security 

Christmas Decorating and Light installations


Pressure Washing

A-Team Pressure Washing is a highly effective system created to remove mildew, dirt and grime. This system restores vinyl siding, any type of wood homes, bricks, pool decks, walk ways, porches and buildings which have weathered from the seasons. All products used are environmentally safe. The company has been performing this service since 1989. The results we get are nothing short of amazing! We have three different types of machines, ranging from 2000 p.s.i cold water, to 4000 p.s.i. washing with hot water. These machines, combined with the proper cleaning agent, and our years of experience have created many satisfied customers throughout the years.













Window Cleaning

A-Team needed to create this service because after we finish pressure washing buildings and homes, the windows need cleaning. We could never find a dependable company to refer our customers to, so we created one ourselves! The window cleaning started the year after the pressure washing and has been one of the most popular services offered. We clean all the glass in your home or office. This includes sills. tracks, screens, doors and skylights. Free estimates are always given call today for yours!

Fall Clean Ups & Gutter Cleaning

This service was created in 1990 and has been very successful. Most people do not like juggling ladders or heights. Maybe they just would rather not test their insurance polices! We are experienced climbers and have the insurance to back us up! We can clean out your gutters to assure proper water flowage and reattach any loose flitting pieces that may have separated from the house

Once all tile leaves are down we can be there to completely remove them as we “air-o-gate” your lawn. This process is similar to thatching and creates the breathability your lawn needs to grow properly..

Airport Shuttle & Home Security

These two services came into existence about the same time in 1993. These services compliment one other and are usually offered as a package. If a customer needs to make a flight and does not want to bother with the high prices of other local limousine companies. or the frustration and hassle of Connecticut Limo call file A-Team Shuttle Service.

The A-Team will confirm the departure date with the customer and the airline well in advance and reconfirm several times before the actual departure. We will come to your door and bring you directly to your terminal. It the customer wishes, we will care for their house, i.e. water plants, get the mail, care for your pets and protect the premises until you arrive home. The A-Team will meet you at the terminal once your flight has returned. Our prices are considerably less than the alternative transportation services and kennels, we are available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

A-Team Pet Sitting

This service was created because most people do not wish to put their animals through the stress of the dreaded kennels! The company has been pet sitting since 1994 and we have a group of satisfied customers that stand behind us! I am currently enrolled in the N.A.P.R.S. (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) program. I will come to your home and set up an interview with you and your animal(s). Once I have established a comfortable rapport with you and your pet, we can set up the dates you need me to sit.

All of your instructions will be followed exactly. My primary concern is the safety and comfort of your pet. Please call for any further information. References are given to all prospective clients and we hope to do business with you in the near future.

A-Team Parcel Delivery

The more we became involved with the service industry, the more we saw how over priced most services were. The parcel delivery service is no exception. In 1995 I created a service that guarantees the delivery of your papers and packages within 24 hours to anywhere in the tri-state area. Most parcels can be delivered within only a few hours. We are fully insured in this area as well and guarantee the safe confidential delivery of your packages from one door to the other.

Our guarantee states if your not satisfied with the quality of work, we will work on it until you are, or a refund will be in order. 

For Estimates and more information about our services
email us at callateam@comcast.net